4-10-06 Hist105

4-10-06 Hist105 - Social movement helps propel political...

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Social movement helps propel political change o Civilian concerns mount over the morality of slavery. o Republican party never advocates abolishing slavery, but instead does not want it to extend into the “free soil” territories o After the Dred Scott decision, Northerners fear that slavery will soon become a national institution. o Southerners fear that the federal gov will eventually abolish slavery. John Brown’s Raid o October 16, 1859, Brown leads 22 men in a raid on Harper’s Ferry arsenal o Wanted to take weapons from the stockpile, distribute amongst slaves, and incite a rebellion o Hes caught tried and exucated o Seen as a martyr in northern states o Southerners interpret this as a desire amongst all abolitionist to provoke slave revolts. Growing Distrust o Rise of the republican party into one stron political organization threatens the political strength of the slave power influence o Election of Abraham lincol in 1860 convinces many in the south that slavery will soon end EVEN THOUGH THE REPUBLICAN PARTY NEVER ADVOCATED ABOLISHING SLAVERY. Emergence of Abe Lincl o Lincold challenges Stephen A Douglas for the Illinois senate seat in 1858 o The campaign resulted in the famous Lincoln/Douglas debated. o In which, Lincoln reasserted these positions: Lincolns political views o Slavery should not be allowed to extend into the territories o Slavery should be allowed to remain in the states its in o Both asserted their belief in the inferiority of the AA o Never did Lincol assert that slaves should be freed, or granted any civil or
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4-10-06 Hist105 - Social movement helps propel political...

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