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Physics 1C Electrodynamics , Optics, Relativity (Fall 2008, revised ) Lecture: M T W F 1-2 pm, Knudsen Pavilion 1-240B Discussions: Fri 11am,12noon, Rolfe 3-126; 2pm, PAB2-748 Instructor: Reiner Stenzel, Office 4-712 PAB; Ext. 5-7898; Office Hours: Th 1-2pm, 4-712 PAB; stenzel@physics.ucla.edu Teaching Assistant: Scott Bender, sbender@physics.ucla.edu Office hours TBD Textbook: Homework: See below; recommend http://www.masteringphysics.com/site Midterm: 1-hour, closed-book exam on Wed, Oct 29 in class. Final: 3-hour, closed-book exam on Thursday, Dec 11, 2008, 8am-11am (Code06). Grading: Homework * 0 % Grading Scale Midterm 30 % 0 25 50 75 100 % Final 70 % | F | C | B | A | 100% Tentative Course Topics 9/26 Introductory Meeting, 1B Review 9/29 - 10/03 Ampere’s law 10/06- 10/10 Faraday’s law, inductance 10/13- 10/17 RLC Circuits 10/20- 10/24 Maxwell’s equations 10/27- 10/31 Electromagnetic waves 11/03 - 11/07
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Unformatted text preview: Geometric optics 11/10 - 11/14 Interference 11/17 - 11/21 Diffraction 11/24 - 11/28 Relativity 12/01 - 12/05 Review & Practice *Since the class has overwhelmingly rejected buying masteringphysics for the loss of readers, homework cannot be graded hence credited for the final course grade. Since problem solving skills are a major objective for the course, students have the responsibility to do it on their own. The instructor suggests to do the odd-numbered problems of each chapter for which the answers are in the appendix of the textbook. Do at least half of them, say 5 problems per day, 25 per week, to gain enough experience. The instructor will set one day per week (Tue) aside for problem solving skills, as does the TA in the discussion hour. In addition you have assistance from the Departmental Tutoring Center and the http://www.physics.ucla.edu/class/pdp/ workshops....
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