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HW #6, due M, 11/6 Problem 1 P237 5.24 Problem 2 P238 5.30 Problem 3 P282, 6.8 (Since n = 5 it is very small I will add the information that you can assume the parent distribution is normal.) Problem 4 P285, 6.24 Problem 5 In the US criminal court system, think about Type I vs. Type II error in a hypothesis test. Ho: Defendant is not guilty Ha: Defendant is guilty Does a defendant prefer a lower or higher α ? Is this depending on their actual guilt or innocence? Discuss the practical significance. Problem 6 A study of travel times to work is done by a large company. A random sample of 50 workers is collected and the sample mean is 44.3 minutes with sample standard deviation of 21.2 minutes. Can the company be 98% confident that the mean travel time exceeds 40 minutes? Problem 7 A researcher says that 20% of US adults are smokers. In a random sample of 400 Massachusetts adult residents it was found that 66 smoked. Does this show that fewer adult residents of Massachusetts smoke than the national average of US adults for 05 . 0 = α ?
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Problem 8
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