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Practice Questions for Final Exam CMPS 182, Summer 2017, UCSC These are sample questions for the post-midterm material (but remember the final exam is cumulative.) Question 1: What is an advantage of using Stored Procedures (such as Persistent Stored Modules, or PSMs)? Note: this question isn t answered comprehensively in the slides or the textbook, but I d like you to understand the points given in the practice final answers, which were mentioned in class. Question 2: What is an advantage of XML over relational models? Question 3: Assume that relation R(A,B,C,D) includes the row (1,2,3,4), and that R has Functional Dependencies {A,B} { C} and {C} { D}. (Note: by convention, these could also be written without the curly braces.) Mark each row below with a check if it might also be in R, and mark each row below with an X if it cannot also be in R. _______ (1,2,4,7) _______ (1,3,8,9) _______ (1,2,3,5) _______ (2,2,4,6) _______ Question 4: Is the following relation with the specified Functional Dependencies in Third Normal Form ? The following are both keys: {zip, street} and {city, street}. (Important caveat: to be complete and certain, one needs to consider all functional dependencies, not just those that are given in the problem statement. There may well be other FDs that are implied by the given ones. However, to avoid doing too much “busy work”, for thi s problem we assume that it is sufficient to test the given FDs.) R(city, street, zip) {city, street} {zip} {zip} {city} YES NO
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