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CH14 Process Engineering Economics - James R. Couper

CH14 Process Engineering Economics - James R. Couper - 14...

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14 Concluding Comments The intent of this book as stated in the Preface was to present a fundamental, practical approach to financial and economic analysis used in industry. The text is primarily directed to undergraduate chemical engineering students in a process economics or design course. This text may also be used for a continuing education course in process economics for experienced engineers who feel the need to refresh their use of the principles of economic and financial analysis. The book may also serve as a self-study text. A chemical engineering graduate upon entering industry is confronted with financial terminology unfamiliar to this person. Further, each company has jargon used by the company to add to the confusion. These terms and associated concepts are new to the engineer who has been engrossed in scientific and technological terminology. When the young engineer comes in contact with middle- or upper-level management, they often use financial terminology in discussions or meetings. The focus of this chapter is to show how the topics presented in this book, in Chapters 4 through 13, ultimately appear in financial reports. The reader is lead through information in these chapters in an orderly, logical manner. The backbone of any economic analysis is the capital cost estimate.
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