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TO: Professor Pam Stovak FROM: Christopher Dingman DATE: September 7, 2007 SUBJECT: Guest Speaker On Wednesday September 4 th there was a guest speaker who came in named Jeff Hyames. This gentleman came in because he was going to discuss with us about career services at Central Michigan University. The following two things is the information that I thought was the most important about things that Jeff discussed with us: 1. The first thing that Jeff Hyames talked about was the basic information about career services. He also discussed why we have a career services department. If you were to go to the career services office they would help with discovering the major that is right for you. This office will also inform you on what you can do with the major that you have chosen. 2. The second thing that Jeff Hyames spoke about was the importance of
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Unformatted text preview: internships. He informed us that even if your specific major doesnt require for you to do an internship it is still very important that you do so. If you were to choose not to do an internship a business could choose not to hire someone for that reason. You want to try and do everything in college that you might that a business could use against you. For example, you want to keep your grades up, join clubs if possible, and also do multiple internships if possible. Of course there are many other points that Jeff Hyames talked about that I feel were important and if you would like to hear more information about this I would love to talk to you about it. If you are interested in hearing more about this topic or even have any questions you can drop me an email or even give me a call at your convenience....
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