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R - 0.082 L atm. mol-t K-t m€:9. I x l0-3t kg I eV: 1.6 x 10-le J c-l,v elt I 'c and f'l ; lti6"'s R*t^.rFor)'t cH30l 5234s F'all 2005 Professor A. Campion December 17 ,2005 Useful formulas and constants R-8.3 14JK-l e- l.6x l0'teC c:3 x l08mst I Ry:2.18x lg-tsJ h-6.63x 10-3aJs I-Wp E:hv 1. En : -22 h] (rydbergs), for one-electron atoms PV: NRT P-nRT(V-nb)-a(nAD2 The modern pichge of the atom was deduced from a series of experiments that depended upon the ways in which o4 particles moved under the influence of fields and on how one class of these particles elds and on how one class of these particles scattered from a metal foil. Name fogr experiments and point out the contribtrtion each made to our understanding of the structure of the atom. (One or two words per experiment is sufficient" no experimental details and do not consider the Stern-Gerlach experiment that measured spin.) (5 pts.) "Ti. owrg e A 'S c-rtlnLn-lo anJ t "/r^ el.eboV e" I ['w7z arro+Xe "f .l-.I.a ^ L^kc'r*-l*tr ahun naec4, .^lb gto, 0 obtns. ta*l{l,tlt 4, t e-4 &t'auel.t o{ ah6 &lt . n,^t)oi aS hnrj 7<*-des t"(;+h + al^Ic
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CH30l Fall 2005 Final Exam Professor A. CamPion 2. The molecular formula for Vitamin A is CzoHloO. What is the mass percentage of oxygen in Vitamin A? How many oxygen atgms are there in 50 g of Vitamin A? (5 pts') ltq1s'A O = -19' rloo= E,'7 Z z8b 4 O a*-r,aat i' -SoJ = O, t-7 5 vtael (2, HaO zto j /uol ( o,n-7r'u,'t)((.oz r t o") l, a5- x rr".rL^s O 3. Name the following compounds. Use systematic names. (5 ps.) Nal.IOr J63[i r^ua 6,*rte- Nzor Ji r,fi. (+(ra evfc{.e CuSOr c-?f j,.lfal<. Alzol ur-.,ir-.,. *nvrr/a 4. Writ€ the chemical formulas for the following compounds: (5 pts.) Carbon dioxide Co z Lithinm hydroxide L' o H Calcium carbonate Co CeZ
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CH301_Fall_2005_Final_Key - cH30l 5234s F'all2005 A....

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