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Kelley Malloy 10/27/08 Readings 16, 17, and 20 Racial and ethnic inequality part 2 In Laissez-Faire Racism , Lawrence D. Bobo and Ryan A. Smith talked about a book by a Swedish economist named Gunnar Mydral titled; An American Dilemma: The Negro Problem and American Democracy . The “American dilemma” presented in this book was, the moral discomfort a white individual feels in their relations to blacks. He also relates racism to the American Government and that our political culture was the main thing to blame. They also speak about how the socioeconomic status of black people still remains much lower than white people. The average household income of a black family is immensely lower than white households. There is a twelve to one gap meaning that for every dollar a white person has, a black person has less than ten cents. In Latino Lives in a changing America , the story of a young Latina who was smuggled across the border is told. It shows how no matter how many jobs their parents work, or how they try to raise their children. American
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