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1 HM 201 Fall 2017 Introduction to Management in the Hospitality Industry Class Meeting T R 10:35 - 11:50 104 Keller Senior Instructor: George Ruth 233 Mateer Building 863-0566 e- mail [email protected] Office Hours Tuesday 8:30-10:00AM Wednesday 11:15 1:15PM Thursday 8:30 10:00 AM And by appointment, and by chance Required Text/Materials: Introduction to Management in the Hospitality Industry, 10 th ed., Powers and Barrows IClicker - Classroom Response System available at the bookstore Objectives : This course combines an introduction to the hospitality industry with an introduction to the management of hospitality operations. As such, it incorporates coverage of the traditional management functions with examples and applications drawn from the hospitality industry. Thus, upon successful completion of the course, students should be able to: Identify and describe: Assessed by: The major components of the hospitality industry, including lodging, restaurants, and non-commercial or on- site food service, and to recognize and distinguish the major segments within each of these major categories. Exam 1 Out to eat project Other hospitality segments and opportunities, including clubs, meetings and events, gaming, sales, catering, cruises, technology, theme parks, senior services, and education. Exam 2 The traditional functions of management, how they are applied in hospitality management situations, and how they interrelate. Exam 3 Know and utilize a vocabulary of management and hospitality terminology. Exam 1-4 Explain the fit and relationship of hospitality with the travel and tourism industry Exam 2 Airbnb project Recognize the unique characteristics of the hospitality industry and service businesses, and how they differ from manufacturing industries. Exam 1, 3 Identify the major hospitality trade associations and trade publications Exam 2 Discuss growth areas and trends in the hospitality industry Exam 1 Describe career opportunities in the hospitality industry, and compare these opportunities to the student’s career objectives Exam 1 Company Presentations Demonstrate familiarity with the HM degree program at Penn State. Exam 1 Describe, discuss, and begin to apply the analytical and decision making skills necessary to effective hospitality management, and Exam 3 Integrate course content with the student's individual experiences and beliefs, to help students begin to develop their own management philosophy and management style. Exam 3
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