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Question 1 (Week 4) a) Working in a network support team, recently your group discovered that a 100Mbps Ethernet switch in the network was regularly running out of buffers and dropping frames as a result. To solve this problem, one of the junior members of the team suggests imposing half duplex semantics on some of the switch ports to halve their data rates, in turn reducing the demand for buffers. Explain why this is an invalid solution, and propose your own solution. Answer Implementing half duplex semantics will make the frames to write their turn for the main or central arbiter before they are being transmitted in shared architectural design particular in bus topology. Secondly the frames can be delayed when the congestion occurs in a switch hence the frames can be will have to be buffered until they are being transmitted. If the frames are not effectively buffered they are likely to be dropped any given time. The solution proposed The best solution to this problem is to associate a variable xm [0, 1] to each mode configuration m and this will define which nodes or each frame are in transmit mode and those which are in a receive mode b) Consider the following topology: The intermediate devices in the above topology operate at 100Mbps (the hubs and bridge), with each hub connecting 40 hosts (total 80 hosts). Examining the equipment available to you, you identify that you could replace the above intermediate devices (the hubs and bridge) with a single 96-port 10Mbps switch. i. Briefly explain how the network will operate as illustrated and if the intermediate
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devices were replaced with a switch as proposed. Answer Replacing a hub with a switch will be a good thing to the above network. The switch has got multiple ports through which the Ethernet cables will be connected to. Upon receiving a packet, the switch will read it in order to determine which node or computer will be sending to. Using switch increase the efficiency of the frame or information transmitted. Hence a user wishing to send a message to multiple people the switch will decide where to send the message based upon the address. ii. Discuss whether this would be an upgrade or downgrade for the above network Introducing switches is considered as an upgrade to the above network topology. This is due to te following reasons a. It has ability to route a package to a designated end users hence prevents the collisions from occurring. b. It utilizes the bandwidth hence allowing the availability of full bandwidth for each and every connection. Therefore the network will remain unaffected by multiple devices working in the same switch.
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