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art 001 project 1 - out from the pressures of the world to...

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Owen 1 Casey Owen Prof. Lori Hepner Art 001 February 14, 2008 Project One My collage represents the first time my boyfriend and I met. We worked at the same job and when we started getting to know one another, nothing else mattered. All the stressful things in the world such as our jobs, school, and money, faded away. I depicted this by pasting negative words and angry faces in the background, all in black and white. Then, I put two arms reaching
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Unformatted text preview: out from the pressures of the world to hold each other’s hand. Positive words surround them, all in color. This contrast between color and black and white shows how our love became the most important thing. All of these elements created my representational piece of artwork....
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