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psy395_mediacomparison - went away with similar...

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PSY 395 Media comparison The article that I read was centered on disgruntled researchers who were upset about the FDA’s labeling of children’s antidepressants. The FDA recently labeled antidepressants as harmful because they increase suicide rates among children. The researchers disagree with this labeling because it led to a drop in prescription rates among depressed children. This in turn, led to a increase in children with depression going untreated. The research found that the benefits of taking antidepressant medication outweigh any chances for suicide that may come along with it. The press article did a great job of conveying the results of the original research. It highlighted the main points of the research and conveyed the story from the researchers’ point of view. It was much easier for me to read the press article and I
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Unformatted text preview: went away with similar understanding of the research that was done. There were some points that were left out of the media article; however, most of them were not crucial in understanding the concepts. For example, the press article omitted the part of the research that discussed differences in suicide rates and depression across genders. Omissions like these did not affect the press article’s ability to convey the basic theme of the research. I think that the press coverage of this research article was very accurate. As I have explained throughout, after reading the press article it was relatively unnecessary to even read the research article as I already had a grasp on the main ideas of the research. I think that it was even better because they broke it down and made the information so easy to understand....
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psy395_mediacomparison - went away with similar...

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