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cas100a barbara jordan - • Voice She used a strong tone...

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Owen 1 Casey Owen CAS100A:300 Dr. Brown May 13, 2008 Evaluation of Barbara Jordan’s Speech Introduction: Barbara Jordan’s introduction gained attention and set the tone and mood for her speech. She clearly addressed her audience and gained eye contact. Her body language and posture were appropriate for the situation. Body: She had attention-grabbing points such as, “… I am now included in ‘We the People…’” Her tone of voice was striking and displayed very well her opinions and point of view. She used quotes from other figures, laws, and the Constitution to back up her ideas, all of which gave her credibility. All of Barbara Jordan’s points flowed together and the order was logical.
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Unformatted text preview: • Voice: She used a strong tone that varied in intensity throughout her speech. During her more important and powerful points, she slightly raised her voice but never yelled at her audience. She then brought it back down to a more somber tone. Barbara Jordan’s voice was consistently appropriate and in line with what she was saying. She spoke incredibly clearly and distinctly. • Conclusion: Barbara Jordan summarized all of her main points and challenged her audience to make a decision on the impeachment. She never forced her own opinion onto the people, but instead laid out the laws and criteria for impeachment and left it up to her audience. Owen 2...
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cas100a barbara jordan - • Voice She used a strong tone...

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