There were several objectives of this exercise

There were several objectives of this exercise - There were...

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There were several objectives of this exercise. The first was to try to get a consensus from three groups and decided which employees would be laid off from the Enigma Engineering Company based on specific criteria. In the interest of time we decided that each of us would act as Division managers and individually rank the employees. Khalid was appointed as leader of the group with the tie-breaker vote. Each of us would make our decision separately and then forward our results to the other members for a comparison. We believe it would have been interesting exercise if we could have actually conduct the full exercise in class separating them into three teams and comparing what they would have come with versus what we came up with. We will conduct a quick sample in the class. The next objective was to try and exert influence over the other team members by questioning their rationale for their decision. Since we completed our decision forms separately our ability to influence each other was limited. We will attempt to accomplish this objective in the classroom when we conduct the sample. We will provide the class with the same information that we had and observe how they handle the issue. It is our theory that they will be able to reach and consensus without much coercion. This is because the class members have been together for 13 months have formed an informal organization structure. It would have been interesting to see the outcome of this exercise if this had been conducted at the beginning of this program. To determine the ranking we had to analyze limited data that was subjective as opposed to objective information. The instructions were vague at best and some of the information did not have numerical values. Also there was no explanation as to how the subjective information was determined. The company had been trying to establish an objective way to measure performance which would have
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There were several objectives of this exercise - There were...

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