blaxploitationids - ID's

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ID's Sidney Portier syndrome--non threatening, charming representation of the quintessential type fit to be integrated into white society; lost popularity in the urban community as he became more mainstream A Raisin in the Sun-authored by Lorraine Hansberry, starring Portier about the Youngers in Chicago Stokely Carmichael-SNCC, activist Elridge Cleaver--violent civil rights leader and Black Panther Claude Brown-author, focused on at risk black adolescents near Harlem LeRoi Jones-wrote the Dutchman and the slave Melvin Van Peebles-Sweet Sweetback Huey Newton--in addition to political struggle there was a need to address people culturally as well Gordon Parks-directed Shaft, worked for Life and Vogue when it was unheard of Issac Hayes-member of Stax Records, headliner for Wattstax; composed Shaft soundtrack Black Moses-alias of Issac Hayes, title of album Bobby Womack (Across 110th St) Vietnam, LBJ, Great Society, Golden Triangle Iceberg Slim (Robert Beck) Pimp, Reflections--spoken word album over live instruments telling a pimp tale, which was a precursor to hip hop. You hear
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blaxploitationids - ID's

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