boydblacknationalism - Black Nationalism and Blaxploitation...

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Black Nationalism and Blaxploitation How is Black Nationalism depicted in Sweetback, Superfly, The Mack, and Foxy Brown? Does this representation of Black Nationalism change from film to film? How so? How do the protagonists in each of the film interact with the goals and tactics of the Black Nationalist movement? This phenomenon led to the birth of modern black nationalism which stressed the need to separate and build separate communities that promote strong racial pride and also to collectivize resources. The Sixties brought on a heightened period of religious, cultural and political nationalism, black nationalism would later influence afrocentricity . Malcolm X argued blacks should improve their own communities, rather than strive for complete integration. Part of the black nationalist project was to revitalize the black man which would be beneficial to the entire community. Race and gender were seen in opposition to each other Shaft-Individualist Conflict b/t black nationalists and black gangsters over control over the community from
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boydblacknationalism - Black Nationalism and Blaxploitation...

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