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Rachel Klie STYLE: Jones v. Star Credit Corp. COURT: Supreme Court of New York, Special Term, Nassau County CITATION: 59 Misc. 2d 189; 298 N.Y.S.2D 264; 1969 N.Y. Misc ISSUE: Can this transaction and the resulting contract be considered unconscionable within the meaning of UCC § 2-302 based on the price that was charged from the Plaintiff? FACTS: The Jonesse, the plaintiffs were Welfare recipients whom purchased a home freezer for $900, after a sales mana visited their home. Total sale equaled $1,234.80 including taz and financial charges. Plaitiffs paid $619.88 towards their purchase, and defendant claims they still owe the balance. The freezer unit, at time of purchase, ran a maximum of $300 retail value. The plaintiffs brought a suit in a New York State court to have the purchase contract declared unconscionable under the UCC. HOLDING: Court believes the contract is unconscionable as a matter of law. LAW:
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