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Name: Rachel Klie STYLE: Alden vs Vernon Presley COURT: Supreme Court of Tennesse at Jackson CITATION: 637 S.W.2d 862; 1982 Tenn. LEXIS 340 ISSUE: Does the existence of an agreement stay in tact if not all aspects of the agreement are met before the issue of Death? FACTS: Mother of Ginger Alden, Elvis' girlfriend at the time of his death (and the person who discovered his body), sues his estate for the enforcement of a gratuitous promise to pay off her mortgage, on the basis of detrimental reliance The Defendant’s son (dec.) promised to help the plaintiff when she decided to divorce her husband. Elvis undertook to pay the expenses of her divorce, to pay out her husband’s share of their house, and pay off the mortgage so she would own the house free and clear. The plaintiff then began to follow the steps if getting a divorce. Elvis died after the divorce proceedings had begun, but before the divorce had beome legally binding. HOLDING:
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