Small Claims Court Assignment

Small Claims Court Assignment - Small Claims Court...

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Small Claims Court Assignment Rachel Klie Business Law 210
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On September 29, 2008, I observed four small claims court cases at King County Court House located in Kent, WA. It was a very good experience, for I had never been able to observe cases in this matter, and found them all very interesting. The judge was Judge Karly Jergenson, and I learned a lot from watching her resolve these small claims cases. I was present in the court room for about two and a half hours observing these cases. I am going to write about the four different cases that I sat in on, what the conflict was, what the outcome was, and what I learned from each one. Case #1 Cruz vs. Martin’s Auto Facts: Plaintiff Jose Cruz noticed on July 25th, 2008 that his truck was not working very well, so decided to take it in to get looked at. He drove his truck to Martin’s Auto that day to have it looked at, and said he thought it was the carborator that was acting up in his Nissan 1989 pick up truck. The owner, defendant Martin Mojica, told Cruz that his shop was very busy, but he would call him and tell him what was wrong with his truck. Two days later Martin called and told his that his truck would not start and that the starter had gone bad, and he needed a new one. They put a new starter in, then Martin called again to tell him that the motor had siezed and ruined the starter and needed another new one along with a new motor. The bill at this point was totaling $1,500. Cruz left his truck there and began the small claims process, for he believed that Martin damaged the truck and was not going to pay that much for his mistake. Cruz took it in for what he believed was a carborator problem, and was not going to pay for Martin’s mistakes and errors.
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Small Claims Court Assignment - Small Claims Court...

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