soc 315 ass 5 - SOC 315 Assignment #5 Stepfamilies...

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SOC 315 Assignment #5 Stepfamilies sometimes have certain ways they are supposed to act towards each other, but in some cases there are not such obvious norms and it is not that easy. Stepfamilies can be by marriage or even just cohabitation before marriage. These remarriages are usually more likely to end in divorce than that of the first marriage. There are many differences in remarriage rates and are very hard to classify. As remarriage rates have declines, cohabitation among formerly married has increased. Being in a stepfamily does not always mean that the adults are married they may also just cohabitate. In most of the stepchildren’s cases the new parent does not take the place of the biological parents but become kin. American kinship is people related through blood or through marriage. It is usually harder for a stepmother than a stepfather because of the roles such as cooking, laundry, etc that they must take over in the new household. Remarriages cause households to be sometimes difficult and hard to handle for everyone involved. There are possible problems for the children in stepfamilies such as acting out, behaving badly, and having hostility towards their new step parent. The younger the child is, the easier it usually is for stepfamilies to come together. The
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soc 315 ass 5 - SOC 315 Assignment #5 Stepfamilies...

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