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PY 2101 - PY21D1 Brain and Behaviour Credit points as Year...

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Unformatted text preview: PY21D1 - Brain and Behaviour Credit points: as Year: 2on9 Student lContribution Band: Band 1 Administered by: Discipline of Psychoiogy This subject provides students with an in- depth introduction to key theories and concepts in the bioiogicai bases of sensation, perception and behaviour. Coverage includes the structure and function of the nervous system, how information is transmitted in the nervous system, the roie of bioiogicai factors in cognition and motivated behaviours and the anatomy and physioiogy of the sensory systems from periphery to cortex. Learning Outcomes H a good understanding of what is known about the ways in which the nervous system functions in sensation, perception and processing of information; i a keen appreciation of the way in which humans make sense of the sea of energies in which they are immersed ', E to be reasonabiy grounded in the nature, theory and methods of two foundation areas of psychoiogy, the bioiogicai bases of behaviour and perception. Prerequisites: FYI Isl DR PY11o2 Ina dm issible Subject FY: us 1 Corn bination s: ...
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