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Homework Quiz 1 Name (printed clearly)___________________ Math 1206c CRN or class time______________ I pledge that this is all my own work. I have not copied or consulted another person. I am allowed to use my notes and text. Signature______________________________ Please note that I will be grading not only the solution but will be checking to see if you have used correct math notation. Show all work on a print out of this sheet.
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Unformatted text preview: 1. The State of Illinois Cycle Rider Safety Program requires motorcycle riders to be able to brake from 30 mph (44ft/sec) to 0 mph in 45 ft. What constant deceleration does it take to do that? Hint see Text homework #119 p.305 for method to use. 2. sin 2 sin x dx x = ∫ 3. ( ) 3 tan c y d x dx dy ∫ where c is a constant 4. Do text homework problem #26 on p.485. Watch units!...
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