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Fall 07 _6 HO_outline

Fall 07 _6 HO_outline - sufficient would want its imports...

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PART ONE: THE CONTEXT OF BUSINESS A. The Economic Environment B. The Role of Government C. Corporate Social Responsibility D. Globalization of Markets 1. The growth of global trade and our trading partners. 2. Why do nations (firms) engage in global trade? No nation can produce all it wants and needs, at least not in a cost-effective manner. Even if a country were self-sufficient, other countries (who are not self-
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Unformatted text preview: sufficient) would want its imports. • Countries differ in their relative “wealth” of factors of production. 3. The negative effects of global trade and protectionism. 4. Structural options facing firms seeking to go global. 5. Challenges faced by firms seeking to go global. 6. Unforeseen effects of globalization BCOR1010 9/17/07...
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