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Steve Hughey 2/12/2008 HST 213 Theodore Roosevelt: “The New Nationalism” 1. Is capital or labor more important? What is the relationship between capital and labor? What authority does Roosevelt cite on this issue? Roosevelt cites Abraham Lincoln on the issue of capital and labor. Lincoln held that capital and labor are independent from one another. He claimed that capital is merely the fruit of labor, and that labor is superior to capital. 2. Who is the true conservative and the true friend of property? What is a very important key to preventing corporations from abusing their power? Roosevelt said that both the true conservative and the true friend of property is the man who does not let man-made commercial forces control him.
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Unformatted text preview: Roosevelt also said that government supervision of corporations is the key to preventing them from abusing their power. 3. Should capital and/or labor be deregulated? No, capital and labor should be regulated, or else companies will abuse their labor force, putting profits before human rights. 4. What is the New Nationalism? The New Nationalism is an attitude that emphasizes national needs over those of the individual or of the section. 5. Are extremes of wealth and poverty desirable? No, they are not desirable, because extremes create an incredible imbalance that goes against the welfare of the people stance Roosevelt took....
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