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Body Fat 9-22 - 4 never eat in front of distraction 5 be...

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Body Fat-Avg Values Avg range ess fat minimal fat obesity f BMI M 15 10-20 2-4 2-4 >/25% >/ 25 overweight m/f F 25 20-30 2-4 5-12? >/35% >/ 30 obese +25 D How high BMI standard 25>/ ~ 67% 30>/ ~ 20-25% 40-50>/ 10% Childhood obesity -15% Gluttony or sloth? Didn’t want to get off car TV Remote More food, more active Now people are seditinary Food available 24/7 Tempt by portions Pigging out Recommendations 1. eat several small meals/day 2. ^CHO + Protein \/ fat (much more easily digested fat) 3. precede larger meals with salad and/or watery soups
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Unformatted text preview: 4. never eat in front of distraction 5. be active genetics vs environment BMI’s matched genetic parents not adoptive. 1 obese – 50% chance obese child 2 obese - 90% chance Prevention Treatment Drugs over the counter prescription Prescriptions are the ones that work Most drugs used to be emphidimenes or uppers, stimulated by keeping you awake and alert, side effect suppressed diets. Heart problems caused...
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