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esxc 10-1 - and glycogen level in the body Recommendations...

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Essentials of a good diet Present usa consumption patterns CHO 45-55% >/25-60% ideal Protein 10-15% same Fat 30-40 </30 Gov subsidizes farmer’s high fructose corn syrup Meal patterns 4-5 smaller meals/day Fat + protein have increased satiety effect Blood glucose ~90mg/100ml? 90% brain food In the liver, glycogen gives sugar into the blood to keep it at a level Long timeframe after dinner, 15 hours, low glycogen level in the liver, maintain sugar
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Unformatted text preview: and glycogen level in the body. Recommendations Meats Grains Legumes Dairy Fruits Vegetables % Cal 55 45-50 45% startch 10% sugar 25 25 now 1900 2000 (present) Have to be whole grain, rice pasta grain etc raise insulin levels a lot. Drink milk, cheese a lot of calories People die from tainted meat...
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