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esxc 10-13 - water weight repetitive sprint cycling on a...

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Drugs + Erg. Aids A. Anabolic Agents AS, GH, Beta 2 Againsts Testosterone precursors: Androstenedione (“andro”) DHEA Anabolic effects Andro testosterone estrodiol (breasts) Most abused drugs by athletes B. Marijuana C. Stimulants D. Diuretics E. EPO -- ^rise F. Caffine, increases FFA and perception of fatigue G. Beta Blockers depressants, reduce anxiety and heartrate, precision is required, golf, calming H. Sodium bicarbonate alkaline buffering agent ph 7.2-74 (tissue 7.0). acidity causes ph to drop to about 6.0 point at which calcium channel, ability for muscle is cut off, increases initial ph, neutralizes lactic acid? Dose + time 300mg/kg 70 x 300 2100 mg 90 min/l I. Creatine 405gms creatine – 4-5times a day – 14 days ^ creatiphosphate 20-30%^ 10-15 cal, increases 5 cal at most, good for short all out effort, 100m or 200m, nothing that lasts more than 20 sec at most, mild anabolic effect, much of weight is
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Unformatted text preview: water weight, repetitive sprint cycling, on a bike mass isn’t important, made from amino acids in meat Stem cells undifferentiated cells, that take on same identity of other cells, could become muscle cells Myostatin (gene manipulation) Brake, inhibit myostatin, more muscle fiber Pulmonary physiology Function – Take in O2 – Blow out CO2 Upper resp tract – mouth nose trachea bronchial tubes Lower resp tract – alveolar sacs + ducts Diaphragm goes down when inhales Boyles law P = 1/v inversely related (pressure volume) Increase volume, lower pressure Inhale rest Diaghram Exhale Passive Ext. intercestals Muscles that bring ribs out Trapezives Scalem Muscle, back of neck Internal rectu muscles, get used to breathing and expanding...
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esxc 10-13 - water weight repetitive sprint cycling on a...

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