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Non-Profit Ch 3 1. Budget: a formal estimate of the resources that an organization plans to expend for specified purposes during a known time interval (typically a fiscal year) and the proposed means of acquiring these resources. Purposes: conveys the activities that the organization plans to undertake and how the organization expects to finance these activities. 2. Operating budgets, Capital budgets, cash forecasts 3. The object-of-expenditure approach, Performance, Program and Planning Programming budgeting, Zero Based Budgeting. The object-of-expenditure approach is the most common 4. Cash Forecasts the amounts of cash to be received and expended during a particular period. They can facilitate short term borrowing because they can predict cash shortages. 5. 1. Prepare budgetary policy guidelines 2. Prepare the budget calendar 3. Prepare and distribute budget instructions 4. Prepare revenues and estimates 5. Prepare departmental (or program) expenditure requests 6. Prepare nondepartmental expenditure and interfund transfer requests
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