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Section 016 Project 2 September 12 th , 2007 1. The aspect of the Gallup poll Americans seem to be most skeptical about is that a sample as small as 1,500-2,000 could possibly represent the opinions of almost all Americans. 2. I have learned from both my statistics class and from this article that simply because a sample size is small in comparison to the population it is supposed to be representing, does not mean it will not adequately represent the population. As long as everyone in the population has an equal opportunity at being selected for the randomized sample, it will be representative of the population. 3. The sampling frame typically used by Gallup is simple random sampling because “it is Gallup's goal in selecting samples to allow every adult American an equal chance of fall- ing into the sample.” 4. To minimize the possibility of a non-response bias, the Gallup poll does not call a partic- ular phone number only one time & simply move on to the next household if they don’t
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