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SEQ CHAPTER \h \r 1 Psychology 490, Spring 2008 Psychological Science in the Media Worksheet #1 Item #1: 'Don't fight in front of the kids' and other advice you can ignore I found this report while browsing the health & living sections on This report basically tweaked advice that is usually given to newlyweds & explained why that certain piece of advice could not necessarily hold true. It also dealt greatly with parenting advice for I chose this report because I thought it was interesting how they listed advice that is commonly given to newlyweds & completely switched it around in order to explain how the opposite can actually be more productive to a marriage. HYPERLINK " iref=mpstoryview" iref=mpstoryview Item #2: Hitting It Off, Thanks to Algorithms of Love
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Unformatted text preview: I found this report while browsing the science section on In this report, the author discussed how scientific studies & research being done for websites such as & in order to pair people up based on their personalities matching might actually be a good idea. It discussed the idea that finding a mate is so important it shouldn’t be left to those people looking for a mate themselves. I chose this report because I found it interesting & wanted to learn more on why many of these companies were so successful. In fact, the report stated that 2% of the marriages in America last year were due to matchmaking on HYPERLINK " _r=1&ref=science&oref=slogin" _r=1&ref=science&oref=slogin...
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