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Psychology 490, Section 1, Spring 2008 Worksheet #2 (1) Explain the research question(s) or hypothesis(es) being tested. Indicate this in lay terms, not in psychological or statistical terms. (1-2 sentences) The hypothesis being tested was whether or not people who believed in fate over free will were most likely to act immorally. In the case of this study, the immoral act was cheating on a math exam. (2) Briefly describe the type of design used, e.g., a true experiment, a correlational study. If a manipulation was performed, describe it. (1 sentence) A true experiment was used. There was a manipulated group of participants, they were made to believe that the concept of free will was disproven. (3) Identify the independent and dependent variables. Also identify their measurement and operational definitions (that is, identify how the researchers operationalized the independent and dependent variables). (2-4 sentences) There were two experiments that took place. In both, the independent variable was whether
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