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Psychology 490, Section 1, Spring 2008 Worksheet #4 (1) Describe one claim made by about the process of matching used that is stated to be based on psychological science. From reading around the website they are pretty vague on the methods they used to match people but as far as I could find, they claim to match based on 29 dimensions backed by 35 years of empirical and clinical research. (2) Describe one claim about the success of eHarmony . That is, what do they say that makes you think that they match people successfully – maybe even more successfully than other on-line services? They claimed that recent research performed by the APS shows that eHarmony married couples are significantly happier than married couples who met by other means and have known each other for a similar length of time. (3) Look at the press coverage of eHarmony described on the website, under the “In the News” section ( Is it balanced coverage?
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