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Exam 2 Study Guide - PSYCH 438 EXAM 2 STUDY GUIDE FALL 2008...

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PSYCH 438 EXAM 2: STUDY GUIDE FALL 2008 Freud’s early academic life Mechanist perspective Mechanist Oath - “no other explanation of living organisms than forces prevailing in physic- al-chemical systems or forces of equal dignity.” Basic tenets of psychoanalysis Hysteria - Physical symptom but no corresponding organic cause. Many of Freud’s patients suffering from this. The French and Viennese views of hysteria - Malingering or faking it “la belle indifference” - A naive, inappropriate lack of emotion or concern for the perceptions by others of one's disability, usually seen in persons with conversion disorder “Sock and glove paralysis” Freud’s work with Charcot - o Physical symptoms can be suggested away o Differences between hysterical and organic paralysis o Symptoms were consistent with preconceived ideas Freud’s work in Nancy, France with Bernheim and Leiboltz o Physical symptoms can be suggested away o Post-hypnotic suggestion o Post-hypnotic amnesia o Post-hypnotic amnesia not absolute o Hypnotic lucidity (mind is store house of information) Josef Breuer The case of Anna O. o Each symptom disappeared when traced back to its first occasion o Symptoms were removed by recalling forgotten unpleasant events o A symptom emerged with greatest force when it was being talked away o Symptoms can be caused by non-conscious “memories” of traumatic events (con- trast with Charcot) o The remembering of previously forgotten events can eliminate the corresponding symptom. Compromise formations Freud’s use of hypnosis Why Freud gave up on hypnosis o Not everyone was hypnotizable o He wasn’t a good hypnotist o He thought it was wrong to suggest away a symptom when the patient’s suffering was real What Freud used in place of hypnosis - Increased the erotic element. Seduction Theory
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Seduction theory - 18 Cases of hysteria in both men & women traced back to seduction in childhood. Why Freud abandoned the seduction theory
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Exam 2 Study Guide - PSYCH 438 EXAM 2 STUDY GUIDE FALL 2008...

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