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Matt Pahde Tuesday, February 12, 2008 The Haymarket Affair Throughout the nineteenth century, a lot was done to improve the lives of the working class. Changes took a while to happen and certainly had their price. The working class had much to look forward to in the time ahead but they had to pay for it. One of the most memorable attempts to change the work day occurred at Haymarket Square in Chicago. This meeting is by no means important for what it accomplished, but rather what occurred during and after the meeting. All over the country laborers started to demand better hours with better pay. Many people in the upper class of society saw this as threat to their current lifestyle and did whatever they could to suppress it. Workers began to strike all over the country and demanded better pay. Most of these strikes were nonviolent and seen as people trying to better themselves. The Haymarket Affair however, was viewed very differently by a majority of the public. “News of the ‘Haymarket riot’ provoked a nationwide convulsion of fear, followed by blind rage directed at anarchists, labor unions, strikers, immigrants, and the working class in general (The American Promise).” The type of language used to describe the Haymarket Affair was different than that of the other strikes described. The general opinion about the Haymarket Affair and those involved in it is quite obvious. Most people around the country resented the people involved and tried to stay out of the way themselves. I can tell most people were angered by the language used in the excerpts from the book. It even states that most people were completely against the act and the ideas behind it.
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Haymarket Affair - Matt Pahde Tuesday, February 12, 2008...

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