India - supported by men from middle and upper-caste groups...

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Matt Pahde Image One: India The first image I found is a radar image of Calcutta, India. I chose this image of India because it shows the different urban land use patterns in Calcutta. Calcutta is the largest city in India and it is located on the banks of the Hugli River. Calcutta is also surrounded by a flat swampy region, which is why Calcutta is a compact city. Much of the city is concentrated along the Hugli River which contributes to the subtropical climate. This image is important because it shows the diversity of the land use in Calcutta. The image is significant because it shows the obvious variety of the use of land in India. To me, this image represents the diverse culture from the diversity of the uses of the land. The people of India are largely Hindu in religion and most of the people associate their religion with their national identity. Hindu nationalism in India is predominantly
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Unformatted text preview: supported by men from middle- and upper-caste groups who fear the erosion of their castes’ political influence and who resent, in particular, the extension of the quota system for government jobs and seats in universities to lower-caste groups (World Regional Geography, 418). One advantage India has had in the recent past is its growing number of jobs. Manufacturing has made its way to India as well as many high skilled jobs. This has increased demand in the United States for India’s highly skilled workers. One factor that attributes to this success is India’s relatively low real estate costs and salaries. This allows United States businesses to higher cheaper workers from India but at the same time this is helping the workers. They are being paid more than they would make from any company in India which raises their standard of living (World Regional Geography, 415)....
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India - supported by men from middle and upper-caste groups...

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