Geography final exam notes

Geography final exam notes - 4-8-08Pol pot - post US war...

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Unformatted text preview: 4-8-08Pol pot - post US war bombing a rebel group rose up. ‘reign of terror’ 4 yrs. con’t Civil War until surrender in 1998. - former PolPot officers now farmers, he feels that the killings came from outsiders, ‘people just blamed us’- officer: “Do I look like a savage?” . Hes was’t remorseful, wasn’t sorry, made excuses.- people still travel to Pol Pots burial site and pray to him for their crops- sifting thru ashes looking for pieces of bones, ‘champion of the poor’ - villager says the murders were ‘rumors’- Nuon Chea - no. 2 to PolPot, he is more responsible for the killings.- rumors are that he is still alive.- frmr assistant to PolPot says Nuon was PolPots shadow.- Khmer Rouge- The PolPots regime. PolPots nephew is head of Tourism commission, **Sculpture garden depicting tortures of hell...- entertainment is boxing match between a mentally handicap man and a child.- frmr Soldier is now digging for gems, borrowing money to feed his family.- Nuon Chea: ‘will enlighten the courts, ‘ does not admit guilt, ‘ it wasnt the Kumer Rouge but the outsiders’** He was arrested in 2006, taken to tribunal, pled innocence but in custody waiting further trial“Orientals” ; Overseas Chinese; Suharto ; Crony Captalism ; Extenede Families ; Slash and Burn ; Shifting cultivation ; Agribusiness Plantations ; Palm Oil ; Green Revolution ; “Iron Buffalo” ; Globaliation ; Tropical Hardwoods ; Teak ; Grasberg Mtn. ; Freeport - McMoran ; Theun River Proect ; “Jakarta Jockeys” ; Banana Leaves.“Orientals”- British racial slander against people from Asia, not up to European standards. “Noble Savages” romanticism Near-Middle- Far East : are all colonial terms. Overseas Chinese: ppl who left china after Mao took over. Dutch brought Chinese labor into Indonesia....
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This note was uploaded on 10/28/2008 for the course GEOLOGY 102 taught by Professor Gripshover during the Spring '07 term at University of Tennessee.

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Geography final exam notes - 4-8-08Pol pot - post US war...

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