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Matt Pahde Image Two: China The second image I found is an image of the Great Wall of China from outer space. The area that is covered in this image is the Northern Shanxi Province in China. This part of China has a low sun angle and light snow which helps to highlight this image of the Great Wall. The Great Wall is the feature that looks much like a frozen river, running from North to South in the image. This image of China is significant because it shows that China has had a long past. The Great Wall was built over two-thousand years ago and still stands today; this also tells us something about the skill of the workers who constructed this enormous project. Not only was the Great Wall built over two-thousand years ago, but it also took almost one-thousand years to build which shows us the dedication of the workers who built this great wall.
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Unformatted text preview: The Great Wall stretches over four-thousand five-hundred miles from Korea to the Gobi Desert and was first built to protect China from the marauders from the north (Visible Earth, Great Wall of China). My interpretation of this image is it shows the significance of Chinas past and also tells us about the kind of people who built it. China has been a communist country since the mid-twentieth century. China became a communist country after World War II when they abolished private property, and the state took control of virtually every aspect of the economy: agriculture and industrial production; construction; service industries such as transportation and distribution, utilities, social services, and education; and sales of food and consumer goods (World Regional Geography, 458)....
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