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baroque terminology - typically surrounds a niche or window...

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Marc Nodine Mr. Rafii Baroque Terminology Solomonic Column: A twisted column; name derives from its supposed use on solomons temple in Jerusalem. Pendentive: A triangular curving form that allows construction of a circular dome over a square or rectangular space; originates in Byzantine architecture. Baldacchino: An ornamental canopy over an alter, usually supported on columns; or a similar form over a tomb or throne. Putti: in renaissance architecture and derivatives, a decorative sculpture or painting representing chubby, usually naked infants. Aedicule: a small motif composed of columns or pilasters supporting a pediment;
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Unformatted text preview: typically surrounds a niche or window. Broken Pediment: a pediment in roman and baroque architecture that has been split apart at its apex; the gap is often filled with an urn a cartouche or other ornament. Gilding: gold leaf; gold flakes; brass etc. applied as a surface finish Lunette: a crescent shaped or semicircular area on a wall or vaulted ceiling framed by an arch or vault. Stucco: an exterior finish usually textured; composed of Portland cement, lime and sand which are mixed with water....
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