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Egyptian terms - Obelisk a monolithic pillar tapered to a...

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Marc Nodine History of Design ID 146 Pyramid; 4 sided triangular that meet at a point sometimes stepped. Mastaba; tombs housing family, storage, court officials with battered walls Reeded; covex bulges giving the shaft of a column texture and character. Capital; the uppermost part f a column Trabeation (post and lintel) consists f 2 uprights (posts) supporting a horizontal member (beam or lintel) Corbel; a bracket usually supporting a beam or roof, floor, or other feature Pylon; a monumental gateway shaped like a truncated pyramid Cavetto Cornice; a concave bracket around the summits of walls or gates Hypostyle Hall; in Egyptian temples a covered area filled with tightly clustered columns Battered; slanting walls, slopped walls Clerstory; windows placed high on walls especially above a roof.
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Unformatted text preview: Obelisk, a monolithic pillar tapered to a pyramid shaped point carved with hieroglyphics Hieroglyphics; an ancient form of Egyptian picture writing Valley Temple; sat right on the banks of the nile river where the bodies of the dead were mummified after they arrived on the nile. Ankh; an Egyptian symbol for life Torus (roll mold); a large molding of convex profile commonly ocouring as the lowest molding in the base of a column. Peristyle; a row of columns surrounding a temple or other building or courtyard. Ashlar; when stone blocks are shaved and put together to create a smooth seemless wall. Engaged Column; a column built into the wall not free standing....
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