95 blog - Wow I'm relieved my teacher approved the style in...

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9/5/07 Wow I’m relieved; my teacher approved the style in which I was writing my blogs. Today we practiced our names again, next week I am going to suggest not starting with me. Perhaps one or two down the line, try to work on my memory a little. Speaking of memory, when my teacher looked at me weird when I said we talked about pneumonics in psychology, I knew we did because we talked about that in the memory unit 9/6/07 Ahh today was frustrating. First my mom was yelling at me because I got the wrong printer, yet I really didn’t. So, yeah I bought myself an all in one printer from HP. It is very nice, and now I’ll be able to print my assignments without all the headache of borrowing the other computer’s printer. Plus, I got a photosmart printer, so it could save us money in the long run. On the upswing, in English I made two new friends, Brandon and Kevin. Another thing good that happened today is two people I knew from high school transferred to that very same English class. 9/7/07 Today I only had one class so that was good, plus I have no homework which is even better. On Monday I am supposed to take my laptop again, they want to finally put the software on, for using the internet at school which will help. On the way home, we stopped to see if my buddy was home, which would have given me something to do, but of course he was nowhere to be found. So consequently, once again it’s Friday night and I have nothing to do. 9/8/07, 9/9/07 I apologize – No Entry Today 9/10/07 Today was frustrating, I had a meeting with Mrs. Anderson and my mom. You should of heard me, I was talking so well, and presenting myself beautifully. But then, Mrs. Anderson brought up the fact, that in one of my classes I would have to practice public speaking, My mom was just trying to look out for me, but she kept putting words in my mouth, saying I would definitely need an augmentative, speaking device. First of all, like I said, I’ve been talking so well and she knows as well as anyone if I don’t practice talking in front of people, I won’t get any better. So, I stand firm with my feelings, I should practice public speaking. 9/11/97
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I have a lot on my mind. First, I’m very anxious to go to the football game Saturday. GO PSU!! I was also thinking about how thankful I am that school’s still survivable. Anyways, I am surprised about how well I am coping with the adjustment to staying up later and concentrating more. So I am going to eat now, for I need food to feed my massive, overworking brain, Haha. 9/18/07 I outta pat myself on the back; I’m doing so well in all my classes. All while keeping up my physical progress. I don’t even think about it as much as I could be. , as much if I were worried. Since I am not, it doesn’t even phase me Oh yeah, Friday was my best day in a long time. I went to meet this girl, Amanda at this rock climbing place, well she never showed up. Surprisingly I did awesome w/o her. I met this bunch of kids who are seniors at PSU berks. Well we hit it off great.
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95 blog - Wow I'm relieved my teacher approved the style in...

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