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Christian Brand 9-11-2008 Chapter 5 The Eukaryotic Microorganisms Eukaryotes Have a membrane surrounding DNA – Nucleus Have internal membrane-bound organelles Largr; 10-100 nanometers in diameter More complex structure Comprised of algae, protozoa, fungi, animals, and plants The History of Eukaryotes – Endosymbiotic Theory Eukaryotic cell evolved from an association between o Large anaerobic prokaryote o Oxygen requiring heterotroph (mitochondira) o Photosynthetic prokaryote (cyanobacteria) At the beginning they were eundigested pray or internal parasites Retained portion of DNA, ribosome’s (70S), and cytoplasmic membranes External Structures of Eukaryotic Cells o Flagella and Cillia – Projections used for cellular locomotion Flagella o Few and long o Filaments anchored to cell by basal body: no hook o May be single or multiple; o Generally found at one pole of cell o Do not rotate, but undulate rhythmically Cilia o Shorter and more numerous than flagella o Coordinated beating propels cells through their environment o Also used to move substances past the surface of the cell Internal structure of flagellum or cilium
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o Cytoplasm containing microtubules o Nine pairs of microtubules arranged in a ring (2 x 9 + 2) o Microtubules composed of tubulin o Surrounded by the plasma membrane Pattern of flagella movement o Prokaryotic flagellum – rotation o Eukaryotic flagellum – wavelike motion Cell wall Various Polysaccharides o Algae – cellulose, silicate, agar o Fungi – chitin (insects) o Yeast – glucan and mannan o Protozoa – do not have a typical cell wall – flexible outer covering – pellicle, enzoplasma Cytoplasmic membrane
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IMCB_CH_5 - Christian Brand 9-11-2008 Chapter 5 The...

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