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IMCB_Chapter 17

IMCB_Chapter 17 - Chapter 17 Diagnosing Infections How to...

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Chapter 17 Diagnosing Infections How to identify the disease Direct testing (microscopic, immunological, genetic methods) - Time required : from few minutes… Cultivation of microorganisms - time required: few days to few weeks (Mycobacterium tuberculosis) Based on symptoms (athlete’s foot) How to identify unknown bacteria Phenotypic methods Macroscopic morphology Microscopic morphology Physiological/Biochemical Characteristics Genotypic methods Culturing not necessary Results obtained quickly Immunological methods Looking for the specific antibody in patient’s blood Specimen Collection Can be collected by a member of a clinical team or by a patient Aseptic procedures should be followed Avoid taking samples of normal biota (e.g. saliva when taking throat swab) Samples should be promptly transported to the lab. Immediate Direct examination of specimen Direct microscopic observation Fresh Stained (gram staining, acid fast staining) Direct fluorescence antibody test
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