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Chapter 1 - Psychogenic Perspective View that the chief...

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Chapter 1 Abnormality: point where society draws the line from acceptable and unacceptable behavior Clinical Scientists: Gather information systematically so that they may describe, predict and explain the phenomena they study. Clinical Practitioners: Role is to detect, assess and treat abnormal patterns of functioning. Four D’s: Deviance: Different, extreme, unusual, bizarre Norms: Explicit and implicit rules in our place and time. Behavior, thoughts and emotions that violate norms are abnormal. Norms grow from a society’s culture. Judgment of abnormality can also depend on specific circumstances. Distress: Unpleasant and upsetting to the person Dysfunction: Interfering with the person’s ability to conduct daily activities Danger Somatogenic Perspective: View that abnormal psychological functioning has physical causes.
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Unformatted text preview: Psychogenic Perspective: View that the chief causes of abnormal functioning are psychological. Psychoanalysis: Many forms of abnormal and normal psychological functioning are psychogenic. Psychotropic Medications: Drugs that primarily affect the brain and alleviate many symptoms of mental dysfunctioning Criteria for judging abnormality Norm Violation: anything that deviates from acceptable behavior in any given society Statistical Rarity: anything that deviates from a statistical avg. Personal Discomfort Maladaptive Behavior: Can person meet the demands of everyday life? Deviation from the ideal: People don’t live up to ideal personality traits...
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Chapter 1 - Psychogenic Perspective View that the chief...

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