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Learning Habituation- decline in an organisms tendency to respond to a stimulus once the stimulus has become familiar p92 nothing new learned Conditioned reflex: o Classical conditioning-- a form of learning, which occurs when a previously neutral stimulus develops the potential to, develops response thorough its association with a stimulus that already elicits that response. Pavlov. . P 92 and 93 Major phenomena of classical conditioning o acquisition- repeated pairing of the stimuli conditioned and unconditioned o extinction p 94- the controlled stimulus looses the conditioned response b/c the are no longer paired (unreinforced trials) spontaneous recovery-
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Unformatted text preview: o generalization / discrimination – p95- • Extensions in classical conditioning o conditioned emotional responses- classically conditioned feelings that an individual experiences in association with particular stimulus events o Phobias – lil albert Stimulus discrimination • Application of classical conditioning o Addictions persistent, habitual or compulsive dependencies of one or more psychoactive drugs p 102 o Opponent process theory of drug addiction Heroin. . decreased body temp, body increased body temp Homeostasis- consistency of internal conditions that he body must maintain ie body temp...
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