psych oct 7 Sensation and perception

psych oct 7 Sensation and perception - Recognizing objects...

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Sensation and perception Hearing o Physical v psychological dimensions Amp loudness Frequency pitch o From sound waves to hearing…ear F Transduction is the conversion of the stimulation into a nerve impulse (cochlea) Vision o Sensory receptors, rods and cones are stimulated to produce a nerve impulse that is sent to the brain o Color vision Cones- perception of color (day vision) center of retina Rods-see n low levels of light (night vision) outside o Trichromatic theory Red, green, blue. Different cones (photo receptors) are sensitive to perception of each color Different patterns of neural firing make different hues o From sensation to perception –distal- outside, what exists, Proximal – internal how we perceive Seeing forms and patterns
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Unformatted text preview: Recognizing objects Cognitive psychology - Deals with how organisms usually humans encode store and retrieve information • Human Memory o All of the information in a person’s mind and the minds capacity to store and retrieve that information o Whys is memory important? Records experiences o Basis of virtually o How we mesure memory? Direct v indirect methods o Recall- asked to produce previously learned fact, word or other item o Object permanence, Sour Sweet sugar Candy chocolate Heart Apples Honey nice good tart tooth pie peace sleep alarm clock pillow slumber nap snore blanket quiet 1. Y 2. N 3. N 4. Y 5. Y 6. Y 7. Y 8. N 9. N 10. Y 11. Y 12. Y 13. Y 14. N 15. N...
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psych oct 7 Sensation and perception - Recognizing objects...

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