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1 FROM FLORA TO FERN: THE ROLE PLAYED BY THE CONNECTICUT AGRICULTURAL EXPERIMENT STATION Walter J. Krol, Brian D. Eitzer, Terri Arsenault, and Mary Jane Incorvia Mattina Department of Analytical Chemistry First In The Nation ¾ The Connecticut Agricultural Experiment Station (CAES) was the First Experiment Station in the US. ¾ Founded in 1875, the Legislature Appropriated $2800 per Annum for 2 Years, Wesleyan University Provided Laboratories Free of Charge. ¾ CAES is Independent of the Land Grant Agricultural Experiment Station at UCONN. ¾ In 1877 it was Deemed an Independent State Agency. ¾ Connecticut is Unique and Has Two Agricultural Experiment Stations. ¾ CAES was Founded by Samuel W. Johnson, M.A. Samuel William Johnson, M.A. (1830 – 1906) ¾ Studied Agricultural Chemistry in Germany Under Liebig Brought European ways to the US. ¾ Professor of Chemistry at Yale University. ¾ Petitioned State Legislature for a Department of Agriculture and was Appointed State Chemist. ¾ Wrote the First Scientific Paper In the US Applying Chemistry to Agriculture. ¾ Petitioned the State Legislature for the Formation of an Experiment Station for the Benefit of its Residents. ¾ Played a Key Role in the Formation of all Agricultural Experiment Stations in the US. Samuel William Johnson, M.A. ¾ In 1877 he Became the Second Director of CAES Which He Saw as a Scientific Workplace for Residents. “It has been said that the most substantial contribution of the United States to applied science has been in using chemistry for the improvement of agriculture. Of this movement Professor Johnson was the leader. The whole system of agricultural experiment stations may well be regarded as his monument.” ¾ In 1910 Arthur Twinning Hadley President of Yale University Wrote in his Annual Report: Public Acts, January 1895 An Act regulating the Manufacture and Sale of Food Products The Connecticut Agricultural Experiment Station shall make analysis of food products on sale in Connecticut suspected of being adulterated, at such times and places and to such extent…may take from any person…any article suspected of being adulterated…
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