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1. VOCABULARY FOR JANSON’S CHAPTER 1 PALEOLITHIC SCULPTURE Sculpture- in-the-round: 3-dimensional sculpture, statue (example:Venus of Willendorf) Relief = in sculpture, any work in which the forms project from a background; carving on stone, bone, ivory, etc. (e.g., Laussel Venus). Prehistoric ‘Venus’ : female image often faceless but with belly, breasts, and hips greatly emphasized was probably a symbol of fertility PAINTING Paleolithic painting: painted directly on the irregular rock of the caves (effect of painted relief). Most common pigments : yellow and red ocher; white chalk; black from charcoal or manganese. Technique: color applied with brushes from animal hides or reeds chewed and flattened at one end ; also through a spraying technique (blowing into a hollow tube filled with the pigment). Function: cave painting was chiefly part of a magic ritual aimed at the success of the hunt. Primary
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