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VOCABULARY & TERMS from JANSON’S CHAPTER 2 NATURE: Natural; naturalistic; naturalism REALITY: Real; realistic; realism The work of art or artistic style that moves away from nature or reality in varied degrees may be described as simplified , stylized , schematic, conventional , non-figurative , conceptual , abstrac t , etc. SUMERIAN SCULPTURE: • Static figures (do not suggest movement) • Conventional/traditional poses, gestures and costumes • Gender/sex mostly shown by means of the hairdo and dress • Hierarchic scale (reveals rank or social class) • Faces have big, staring eyes Question : Why are the eyes so fashioned?
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Unformatted text preview: What do they express? Treatment of anatomy varies from simplified naturalism to abstract geometric forms. Preference for round shapes (cylinders, ovals, cones, spheres) SUMERIAN TWO DIMENSIONAL ART: Pictorial narrative (story telling through pictures) Subjects: religious, political/dynastic, mythological Multi-figured scenes Treatment of form and space in 2-D art: Flat shapes; human figure is drawn partly in frontal view (e.g., torso) and partly in profile view (e.g., face, legs). The figures usually stand or walk on a single ground line and within a frontal two-dimensional plane....
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