Prehist - mica Binders animal fat egg white blood 1...

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PREHISTORIC  ART 40000-3500 BC(E)           UPPER PALEOLITHIC, 40000-10000 BC(E) - (paleos =  old; lithos = stone) Homo  Sapiens Sapiens “Venus” of Willendorf,  22000  Other “Venuses”: Laussel, Lespugue,  Brassempouy  ( Dame à la Capuche ) Hybrid Figure,  Hohlenstein-Stadel 30000 Chauvet Cave, Vallon-Pont-d’Arc, Ardèche:  horses, 28000 Cosquer Cave:  hands; awk 18000 Pech-Merle, Dordogne:  Spotted   horses;  human  hands, 15000  Lascaux, Dordogne:  bisons etc Altamira, Spain:  bisons,   15000 •     La Madeleine, Dordogne : bison  on a reindeer horn, 15000 Horse, Vogelherd Cave , 28000 Two Bisons, Le Tuc d’Audoubert Ariège , 13000 Pigments ocher (iron oxide in clay)  black from charcoal or manganese oxides or green 
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Unformatted text preview: mica Binders : animal fat, egg white, blood 1 [ MESOLITHIC, 10000-8000 BC(E) ] NEOLITHIC, 8000-3500 BC(E) -N. East • Jericho settlement, 7000 • Jericho, plastered skull, 7000 • Ain Ghazal, human figures, 6500 • Çatal Hüyük village, 6000 • Cernavoda, human figures, 3500 MEGALITHIC ARCHITECTURE: TO 1500 BC(E) - Europe • Menhir (= long stone), Carnac, c.4000 • Dolmen, Carnac (= table stone) 1500 - post and lintel contruction • Cromlech (= circle place) Stonehenge, 2000 Salisbury Plain (diam. 97' post & lintel; Trilithon, sarsens, blue stone of S.Wales; heelstone. 2...
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Prehist - mica Binders animal fat egg white blood 1...

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