NearEast - Ram (He-Goat?) and Tree, 2600 Sumerian seal:...

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ANCIENT NEAR EAST 3500-538 BC(E) Mesopotamia - Euphrates and Tigris rivers Herodotus - Cuneiform writing City-States : Uruk (Warka, Erech), Ur, Lagash; Akkad; Babylon. Assyria : Assur, Dur Sharrukin, Nineveh. Gods : An (sky), Enlil (air?), Ea (water), Shamash (sun), Inanna or Ishtar (love, war). CHRONOLOGY - 3500-538 BC or BCE 1. Sumerian Period, 3500-2400 2. Akkadian Period, 2400-2200 3. Neo-Sumerian Period, 2200-2000 4. Babylonian Period, 1900-1600 5. ASSYRIA, 1200-612 6. Neo-Babylonian Period, 612-538 SUMERIAN P., circa 3500-2400 Ziggurat of Uruk, ‘White temple,’ Shakhuru • Head of a goddess • Worshippers of Abu (Tell Asmar), c.2700 • Royal Cemetery of Ur. Leonard Woolley. Pit-graves ; gold items granulation + filigree • “Standard of Ur” 2600
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Unformatted text preview: Ram (He-Goat?) and Tree, 2600 Sumerian seal: Priest-king feeding sacred sheep, 3300 Sumerian harp: inlay of lapis lazuli , white shell and carnelian; Gilgamesh [?], 2600 1 AKKADIAN P., c.2400-2200 Head of a Ruler (Sargon I?) Stele of Naram-Sin, c.2200 NEO-SUMERIAN P., c.2200-2000 Ziggurat of Ur, 2100 Gudea, c.2100 BABYLONIAN P., 1900-1600 Stele (law code) of Hammurabi, 1750 ASSYRIA, 1200-612 Palace Gate of Sargon II, Lamassu , 742-706 Hitttite Lion Gate, Bogazky-Yazilikaya 1400 Assurnasirpal II killing lions, 850 Fugitives Crossing River, 850 Lion Hunt, reign of Assurbanipal, c.650 NEO-BABYLONIAN P., 612-538 Gate of Ishtar , 575 (king Nebuchadnezzar) 2...
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NearEast - Ram (He-Goat?) and Tree, 2600 Sumerian seal:...

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